Paul Mescal Channels Maximus in First ‘Gladiator II’ Trailer

Written by Matt Rodriguez

Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for Gladiator II, and Paul Mescal puts on a dazzling performance worthy of colosseum applause. The trailer for the Ridley Scott sequel features plenty of gladiatorial combat, both in the dirt and water, as well as a man versus rhino battle that is sure to be intense. Gladiator II releases in theaters on November 22.

Gladiator II takes place approximately 15 after the original film and sees Paul Mescal’s Lucius Verus, the former heir to the empire who idolized the gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius, as a prisoner of the Roman army forced into gladiatorial combat. Pedro Pascal stars as Marcus Acacius, a Roman general who trained under Maximus and looks to be the one responsible for Lucius becoming a prisoner in the first place. The trailer also gives us a good look at Denzel Washington as the power broker, Macrinus.

It has been 24 years since the original Gladiator released in theaters. The film would go on to both commercial and critical acclaim, winning five Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe. We will see in November if Gladiator II can live up to its predecessor, but so far it’s off to a strong start with the debut trailer.

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