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Get ready, Heroes Con 2024 is almost upon us. I have to admit, I let time slip past me and before I realized it, the con is now just over 2 months away. I’ve been watching the list of guest get updated through the emails and on the social media platforms but as time does, it went from December to April in the blink of an eye.

The reason I’m telling you this is because it will go from April to June in half a blink of an eye and then that other half of blink it will suddenly be June 12/13 and you’ll be going on no Heroes Con starts tomorrow and I’m not ready. So, I’m going to try to help out some with a quick list of things that will help make your con experience better and maybe the list will make it easier on you.

  1. BAGS – that’s right, bring some bags because you will need them. First thing to think about is how you will be dressed, then what you will be doing, what you want to get, how long can you carry a bag, and can you get back to your room/car.
    1. So the dressed part is the first and I think most important factor to consider because if you are going to cosplay then a backpack style bag might not work for you, or any bag, on the back or in the hand depending on the cosplay. If you know what you will be wearing the time you are at the con then you can know what kind of bag you can carry.

b. Then pick one for what you will be doing. Will you be standing in line a lot or walking around from booth to booth a lot. If you are standing in line a lot and you know you will put the bag on the floor at your feet, will it be easy to move when you move? Are you going to panels where your just sitting, or are you cosplaying where people take photos of you so you have to take on and off the bag.

c. What do you plan to get while at Heroes Con? If you are shopping for heavy stuff or fragile stuff, big or small, or just want to have supplies, then you need the right bag. I do a lot of comic book related things so I get a smaller, lighter bag but one that can handle the weight. Just think about what you want to carry in the bag, then think if it’s on my back how often will it be hit and bumped into, will what you have in the bag break/bend/get damaged? Don’t let that original artwork or that rare comic get damaged because you didn’t have the right way to carry it around.

d. How long can you carry a bag will play a huge factor in your comfort, which plays a role in your mood. Don’t end up grouchy, in pain, and making others con experience poor because you was in a rush and brought a too heavy of a bag. The con is on concrete floors, your body will be put through a lot without you adding extra weight to it. So, if you know you get tired easy or you have a bad back, maybe get a bag with wheels so you can pull it instead of carry.

e. Depending on if you can get back to your room or car, then the type of bag you take can change. I try to park nearby, which allows me to take a lot of stuff with me that I leave in the car. I’ll keep a small bag on me for inside the con that allows me to carry what I need for a few hours before I got to go back to the car to switch out. If you can do this, then you will be in good shape to keep a small bag while having a lot of stuff near you.

2. FOOD & DRINKS – make sure you take some food and drinks with you that can fit in the bag that you decide to take. Yes there are vendors on the convention floor but that’s extra money you have to spend. I’m not saying not to check out the vendors, they are good for a heavier food to get when you need something more than snacks, which is a good thing, but you will need some quick snacks and sometimes you can’t get to the vendors. I’ve been in one line for the full day at the con before and if I hadn’t brought my snacks and water in I would have been hurting because I couldn’t leave the line to get to the vendors. Even if you are with someone, there’s a chance that other person might not get to leave the line either to get vendor food, so just don’t take the chance risking no food.

3. COMFORTABLE SHOES – your shoes are very import. Don’t plan everything else and then wear those shoes that you’ve had for the last 5 years that you love to wear every day. They are probably not the best when it comes to support. You will be on concrete all day and standing for long hours will cause a lot more soreness in your feet and back then the walking. If by chance you don’t have a good pair of shoes that are comfortable and give support and you don’t want or have the money to go out to buy some good ones, then you can get some cheap inserts to help. They won’t be as good as a good pair of shoes but they will offer you some support. I would also advise that if you do this don’t use the supports until you go to the con and when you are done with the con for that day, take them out of your shoes so that the supports stay as fresh as possible.

4. SUPPLIES – don’t forget your supplies for what you want to do. If you plan on getting things signed, then carry something like the Sharpie Metallic permanent marker, get one like the bronze color, that will stand out on white and dark color pages. Take some bags and boards, maybe a box big enough to put the comics in so they don’t get bent by other things in the bag. If you are getting fragile things like statues or maybe original artwork, maybe have some bubble wrap or plastic wrap to help with cushion and protection. Take some blank pages so that if you find out that an artist will do a quick sketch you can be prepared to hand them something instead of having them try to find something to use. The easier you make it for the guests the easier and better it will be for you when getting something.

    1. Electronic supplies are also part of supplies. I wanted to separate this from the regular supplies above. Phones are used so much now to take photos and videos that the battery will run down fast. Make sure you pack the cable to recharge or if you can, the ideal thing to have is a small portable battery for charging. These work great, they fit in your pocket, and you can have your phone charging while you continue to use and not worry about the battery going dead at the worst time.

5. HEALTH ITEMS – by health items I mean anything that will keep you feeling good and be safe.

    1. Have masks ready, you might not want to wear them but at times you might need to.

b. Take your own sanitizer because you don’t want to risk needing it and not having it.

c. Take something that will help with aches & pains and for headaches. Having some Tylenol or Advil on you when your back is really hurting or you are starting to get a headache will help you stay happy and feeling good.

d. Go to the dollar store to get some of those patches or muscle rub. Believe, when you have been standing on concrete for 2 days straight and you are on your third day, your back is so stiff you can bend without grunting, then having one of those patches on will help, and they are only now a $1.25, so affordable.

Ok that’s the list, hope it helps you prepare and helps you have a great con at Heroes Con. I’ve put the link to the guest page on the Heroes site, check out who will be there so you can be ready to meet your favorite creator.


Also, stop by the Heroes Aren’t Hard to find booth, say hello to the workers that did all the work to let this con happen. Also also, say hello and thank the volunteers that are there working the con to make sure you have a good con, they do a lot of work that you don’t see before they do the work you do see.

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