Jake Gyllenhaal Brings MMA to the BAR in ‘Road House’ Trailer

Written by Matt Rodriguez

The debut trailer for Prime Video’s upcoming Road House remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal features a lot of broken glass and broken bones.

Gyllenhaal stars as Elwood Dalton, a washed up UFC fighter who takes a job as a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys in an effort to make some money. This particular roadhouse sits on some prime real estate that would be perfect for a resort and so wave after wave of henchmen are sent in to intimidate the owners into giving up the place. That’s not going to be easy on Dalton’s watch, however.

UFC star Conor McGregor is one of the said henchmen and from the looks of it is going to be going toe-to-toe with Gyllenhaal on multiple occasions. Judging by the trailer, the film looks to be a pretty faithful reimagining of the original 80s classic starring Patrick Swayze. Daniela Melchior stars as the nurse who patches Dalton up at the hospital and develops a relationship with him with Billy Magnussen playing the villain of the film who is trying to take over the roadhouse through intimidation.

Road House is directed by Doug Limen, known for The Bourn Identity and Edge of Tomorrow, from a screenplay by Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. The film streams exclusively on Prime Video on March 21.

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