Dragon Con 2023 Barbie Photo Shoot

Here are a few photos from the Barbie photo shoot that happened at Dragon Con 2023. There are a lot of photos out there in the world now of the shoot, some better some not, but I wanted to share these with people. I also want to point out, like Barbie or don’t like Barbie, that’s up to you, however, in all the years I’ve attended Dragon Con and been to so many photo shoots, this Barbie shot was the first time that so many showed up of mainly 2 characters that they had to expand the group to another set of steps. Yes, I’ve been to ones like Star Wars and Marvel/DC Comics that have had a lot of people, but that was a ground of multiple characters. This was Barbie and Ken, yes, different versions of them, but still Barbie and Ken, and that’s how many people showed up.

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