How to prepare for Dragon Con 2023 in Atlanta GA

Written by Lee Roberts

At the time of posting this, Dragon Con 2023 is at 4 days 22 hours 41 minutes away.

Are you ready?

Do you have your costumes packed?

What about repair kits?

The food, snacks, drinks, clothes, equipment, and all sorts of things will be needed and because of that I want to post a list of some of the things that will be needed while attending Dragon Con.

1. Water – the most important thing you have to do is to stay hydrated. Plan on drinking a whole lot of water. It’s suggested that men should drink 3.7 liters of fluids a day, that’s 15.5 cups, and for women, 11.5 cups or 2.7 liters, and that’s on a normal day that’s not hot or Dragon Con. Think about the amount of people that will be at Dragon Con, how much walking you will do, the heat of Atlanta, the costume if you have it on, and you will realize how much water you will need. So drink a whole lot of water. Wake up and have a glass/cup of water first before you have coffee or anything else. Then plan on drinking 2 cups of water for each hour that you are awake, and if you are drinking any of that adult fluids, then drink 3 cups. It’s better to drink the water and stay hydrated then it is to get sick at the con.

2. Food – with no food comes no energy, that’s pretty much it on that. If you aren’t eating enough, same as not drinking enough water, your body will shut down. Have snacks throughout the day, eat the 3 meals, and keep your sugar levels up so you don’t get sick or weak.

3. Snacks – snacks are not a substitute for food but you need them as they are small and can carry on the floor with your unlike a sandwich.

4. Sport drinks – not the same as water but these will help with the sugars and salts that the body needs and loses when sweating in the heat.

5. Umbrella – It might rain or you know you will be getting in that long line that makes you wait outside, especially if you plan on getting your badge on Friday or Saturday, you will be outside, that umbrella will give you shade from that ATL sun.

6. Supplies for the eating/drinking – this could be a toaster, plastic knives/forks/spoons, napkins, cups, extra bucket for ice, cooler, extra cooler. Just think about it like this, you need to eat, you need to drink, you need the things that will do that for you, so think about what you would need for what you like to have.

7. Sanatizer and cleaning supplies – the hotel staff do an excellent job but they are also working extremely hard to keep up with a sold out hotel. Plus, not everyone wants the cleaning staff in their rooms during the whole stay so you have to clean yourself. Also, COVID people, it’s not a lie, being extra clean and safe is not a bad thing.

8. Room supplies – this means things like if there are 4 people in the room then maybe bring extra covers so you don’t fight over them and extra pillows. If you have the space, then maybe a folding chair because we all know hotels only supply 1 chair in the room and having an extra place for your butt that’s not on the bed in front of others is always nice. Think about a small air mattress, they’re around $15-$30 at Walmart, they are good for that emergency extra bed.

9. Cables – make sure your phone has it’s cable to charge it and bring an extra one. Never know what might happen to a cable, lose it while walking, or forget to unplug it from the wall when you were charging sitting on the floor and it gets left behind, or it just breaks. Have one that is the main one and carry a spare that might be a shorter one that you can keep folded up.

10. Charger – if you can, bring a portable charger. The hotels do well with putting wall plugs and chargers around for people to use but they can’t supply thousands of people with power. You also might be in an area that you can’t get to the wall and you don’t want to miss getting that photo or video or a call because of no power. There are some cheap chargers on Amazon that are under $15, some under $10 that will do in a pinch.

11. Camera supplies – if you have a DSLR or point and shoot camera then make sure to bring all that it needs. Batteries, the extra memory card, and a wipe to keep that lens clean.

12. Extra clothes – it don’t have to be too many but just in case that unknown, it only can happen at Dragon Con moment, that makes a shirt, pants, dress, or whatever you have on no longer wearable, then you have a backup.

13. Bag – get one of those pull string bags that you can just roll up and put in your pocket. Having one when it’s needed is better than trying to carry everything. Think about this, you are more likely going to be bumped into on your sides where your hands will be hanging with whatever it is your are carrying in them then it is likely for you to get bumped in the back with a bag holding those things. Not that I’m saying you won’t get bumped in the back, you will, probably a lot, but it’s because of that if you think about how many times you get bumped in the back will be a lot then imagine how often your hands will be hit.

14. Masks – no, not the cosplay masks, well, yes bring those also, but I mean your health mask to help keep you safe from COVID. No matter what might be said of it not being real or it’s safe out, it is real and you can still get it. Play it safe and wear a mask. If you want to get fancy, turn the mask into cosplay so you have a costume and are safe and keeping others safe.

15. Dragon Con App – might be last on the list but it’s no where near the least important. Stay updated with the app and know where to go and who to see with it.

Ok, that’s the main things to bring that need to be on a list. I don’t need to be telling you to bring you costumes, that’s up to you, but hey, bring your costumes. Remember there are always things you will bring that you didn’t need this year and some things you don’t bring that you will need, but that list are always things you will need. PS, wear comfy shoes. PSS, also have fun and stay safe for yourself and others. You might not have to deal with my life but I do and I don’t want to be getting sick because someone didn’t wipe their nose.

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