Disney’s ‘Wish’ Trailer Makes All Your Dreams Come True

Written by Matt Rodriguez

Disney has released the first trailer for their upcoming animated film Wish starring Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose.

The musical-comedy takes place in the fantastical realm of Rosas where its citizens give their wishes to a magical king who can grant their deepest desires. Ariana DeBose plays Asha, a 17-year-old idealist who makes a wish so powerful that she calls forth a cosmic force called Star, a little ball of wish-granting energy.

“Our heroine, Asha, lives in Rosas, known as the kingdom of wishes,” said director Chris Buck, who helms the film with Fawn Veerasunthorn. “People come from everywhere to give their wishes to a magical king who promises to grant their deepest desires—someday. Only he can decide which wishes will come true and when.” Added Veerasunthorn, “We have been inspired by so many iconic films over Disney Animation’s 100 years, especially stories where we explore the power of someone with a wish, combined with the conviction to make that wish come true. Being able to honor that legacy with this incredible story and these amazing characters has been a joy for our entire team.”

Chris Pine plays King Magnifico, who in the trailer appears to be the villain of the film since it looks like he’s up to something sinister with people’s wishes. Disney Animation Studios staple Alan Tudyk voices Asha’s pet goat Valentino. As heard in the trailer, Ariana DeBose will also sing the original song, “The Wish,” which is sure to be an Oscar contender. It is just one of several new songs written by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice.

Wish releases in theaters on November 22, 2023.

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