Interview: Luke Tennie Discusses ‘Shrinking’ Role

Written by Matt Rodriguez

Shakefire spoke with actor Luke Tennie to discuss his role in the new Apple TV+ series, Shrinking.

Tennie plays Sean, a young man who is sent to therapy against his own wishes due to his violent outbursts. He is pair with Jimmy, played by Jason Segel, who is dealing with his own issues as well. Rather than give Sean the same old speech, however, Jimmy decides to go off-book and try and help Sean deal with his issues through a more informal method.

From creators Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence and Jason Segel, the series follows a therapist, Jimmy Laird, dealing with severe grief begins to breach ethical barriers by telling his patients what he completely thinks, resulting in massive changes to his and their lives. It also stars Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Christa Miller, and Michael Urie.

Shrinking premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, January 27, 2023.

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