Virtual Christmas Cocktail Crawl 2022: Introducing Shakefire’s The Flame

Written by Matt Rodriguez

Welcome to the Virtual Christmas Cocktail Crawl featuring Shakefire, FanBolt, and Three If By Space! Whether this is your first stop, last stop, or the stop in-between, Shakefire is proud to introduce you to our custom cocktail, The Flame. Like Shakefire, The Flame features elements that are shaken and then lit on fire, although the fire portion is totally optional.


1 oz raspberry puree
2 oz raspberry syrup
0.5 oz blackberry liqueur
2 oz Galliano liqueur
1 oz gin
Club Soda
1/2 lemon
1 tbsp 151 rum (optional)
  1. Combine raspberry puree, raspberry syrup, and blackberry liqueur in a shaker and shake to blend ingredients. Pour into the bottom of a glass.
  2. Combine Galliano liqueur, gin, and squeeze the juice from half a lemon in shaker. Shake to blend.
  3. Before pouring, add club soda to shaker to taste.
  4. Using the backside of a spoon, slowly pour the contents of the shaker on top of the raspberry layer in the glass, being careful not to mix the layers resulting in a red to yellow gradient.
  5. (Optional)  Using the same spoon, carefully add 1 tbsp of 151 rum or any other flammable liqueur on the top of the drink. Be careful not to spill. Using a lighter or a match, ignite the thin layer of alcohol for a flame effect. NOTE: This is for show only! Please extinguish any flame before drinking. Glass rim may be hot afterwards.

The Flame can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, whether you choose to light it on fire or not. The top yellow layer is similar to a gin fizz while the bottom layer offers a more thick and fruity finish. Personally I like to add a few ice cubes and mix everything together after blowing out the fire, but the cocktail can be sipped without mixing as well.

Be sure to visit FanBolt and Three If By Space and check out their cocktail offers. FanBolt will teach you how to make their signature drink, The Bolt, while Three If By Space will take out on a trip that’s out of this world with their Deep Thought cocktail.

Other stops on the 2022 Virtual Cocktail Crawl:

FanBolt: The Bolt
FanBolt’s “The Bolt” not only sports FanBot’s electric blue color, but it also translates the feeling of geeking out into cocktail form.  It’s deliciously sweet and almost tropical in taste. And because FanBolt’s Editor loves Hawaiian pizza, this one’s got pineapple in it as well! It’s a rum-based drink topped with Blue Curaçao, Orange Curaçao, and Pineapple Juice. It packs a punch and will leave you energized to keep on geeking out – even if it’s just over more cocktails!

Three If By Space: Deep Thought
If you didn’t know, TiBS loves geeky stuff, and if you do too you probably already caught the reference in the drink name. But why did we call it that? Well, that’s simple, the drinks’ two main ingredients call for 4 oz of one ingredient and 2 oz of another, which is 4-2 or 42, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

From all of us here at Shakefire, FanBolt, and Three If By Space, we hope you have enjoyed our virtual Christmas Cocktail Crawl. Cheers and we hope you have the happiest of holidays!


About the author

Matt Rodriguez

Owner and Chief Editor of Shakefire.