Naughty Dog Details New Additions to ‘The Last of Us Part I’ on PS5

Written by Matt Rodriguez

Developers Naughty Dog released a new video detailing all of the features and gameplay elements that have been updated for the upcoming release of The Last of Us Part I on the PS5.

Originally released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, The Last of Us was a technical marvel and critically acclaimed video game that showcased the best the system had to offer. The game then received a remastered edition on the PS4 the following year. It’s been over nine years since its initial release, and the game is being rebuilt from the ground up for the PS4. This isn’t just a filter over the original graphics, as the developers explain in the below video, but a complete overhaul.

The Last of Us Part I will feature completed retooled visuals to better match the performance capture as well as enhanced environmental textures. Enemy and buddy AI has been improved to allow for more realistic movements and reactions. Haptic feedback has been added for the DuelSense controller as well as support for 3D audio. In addition, the studio is implementing the most accessibility options to allow any gamer to play the game that is most comfortable to them. Naughty Dog is taking all of the skills they learned while developing The Last of Us Part II and applying them to the original, hence the addition of Part I to the title.

The $70 price tag might seem a bit hefty for some who consider this to be just an upgrade of an old title, but the video above shows that it’s much more than just a fresh coat of paint. For newcomers to the franchise it’s an absolute must-buy. Even for someone like myself, who has purchased both the original and the remastered versions, I can’t help but get excited to once again go on this journey with Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us Part I launches on September 2, 2022 on PS5.

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