Immersive Art Exhibit ‘Imagine Picasso’ Opens in Atlanta March 17

Written by Matt Rodriguez

Atlanta’s Pullman Yards will be home to the Imagine Picasso immersive art exhibit beginning March 17 and running through June 19. The exhibit will showcase 200 Pablo Picasso works together in one place at one time, allowing audiences to experience the artist and his work in a more interactive manner.

Originally debuting in Lyon, France in 2019, Imagine Picasso has been around North America, premiering in Quebec, Vancouver, and most recently San Francisco.

“It’s really a reinterpretation of his works. It’s a unique sensation, and it’s so interesting because I’ve been involved in exhibitions, television documentaries and books, but this is really one of its kind,” said Olivier Picasso, a television producer, author and grandson of Pablo Picasso. “I think (the exhibition) would have pleased my grandfather a lot because he was above all, a man of freedom. I learned from him to remember especially the “why not?” because there are no limits to artistic creation. He himself was someone who explored all forms of creation: painting, sculpture, engraving, ceramics, poetry, theatre – he was a pioneer. I think that if he had lived, the digital world of today would have fascinated him.”

The digital exhibition projects the works of Pablo Picasso using the dynamic, multi-projection techniques of Image Totale. You’re not just seeing paintings hanging on a wall, but actually walking in and around a world created by Picasso’s works.

Tickets are available on the official website and start at $31.50 for adults and $22.00 for children, with VIP packages available as well.

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