The Book of Boba Fett (Children’s Book)

Written by Lee Roberts

Ok, I’ve held my tongue, (kind of), on my feelings for the Book of Boba Fett. First, I want to remind you who Boba Fett is, the most deadly bounty hunter in the galaxy. Let me repeat that for anyone who might have already forgotten what I said, Boba Fett is the MOST DEADLY bounty hunter in the galaxy. A galaxy is quite large with a lot of planets and even more living beings on them, so being the most deadly bounty hunter in the whole galaxy is an impressive feat as well as making you someone not to be messed with. Not only that, but this galaxy has Jedi and Sith in it using lightsabers and the force, there are insanely strong Wookies, the Empire, and even magic that would be fought against as a bounty hunter. That means Boba Fett is a guy you do not want to mess with.

Unless you now live in the galaxy and time of the Book of Boba Fett. I don’t know what happened while in the Sarlacc but the man who went in is not the man who came out. Was the Sarlacc feeding him while there? Does the armor have some secret food and water supply for long life support cause I’m wondering how Boba Fett went in the pitt as medium build man and came out a overweight man.

Though I’m not going to get into how he looks, even with the armor plate looking more like a bib then armor, but I want to talk about the whole deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy becoming a hippy. So far what we’ve seen in the first 3 episodes of the Book of Boba Fett is a man getting beat up by everyone, including kids. There is so much going wrong with this show that I don’t really know where to start or how to get it all out, other than just screaming, why, why, why, over and over.

In the latest episode Boba Fett once again gets his ass handed to him and had to have others come save him. Yes, yes, I know the Wookie Black Krrsantan is also very strong and deadly, but there is a difference between being very deadly and the most deadly. Unless you live in this time when you have the most deadly bounty hunter saying lets rule with love and hugs…. I mean I will rule with respect, then you get what we get, this show.

You are on a world ruled by gangsters and it’s not a secret. It’s so bad that the evil Empire who was ruling through fear, death, and blowing up planets didn’t do anything to Tatoonie and its gangsters. Now we have one of the most deadliest planets to be on with the most deadly bounty hunter ruling a part of it, and what do we get? Lets rule with respect and here, take my helmet, and ok insult me 3 times and still live, Boba Fett.

There are so many flashbacks that it should be called the Flashbacks of Boba Fett. But after watching episode 3, the flashbacks are no longer my concern. Seems like they are just taking elements from Back to the Future and making it a space western. The biker gang looked worse then the ones used in BttFII with the hoverboards. They even did the crashing into a wagon where it’s content fall into the car/speeder, just this time it wasn’t horse poop. This show is horse poop.

You have a jet pack and he uses it to do little hops. With all his arsenal, all of these people who have attacked him should be dead, easily. A hired thug can beat up Boba Fett? Yep, evidently.

I would say episode 3 had one good thing, the Rancor, but they even ruined that. Why does the Rancor have to be an emotional animal that bonds with the first person it sees? It is a Rancor, the first thing it should do when it sees anyone is go, yum, a tasty treat for me to eat, and then eat them. Why is it needed to take animal and make it not one? Arguing that giving it emotions still makes it an animal, yes, true, but animals are not humans, they don’t all have to have traits like us and there are some that will just want to eat. Is it evil? No, that’s just what they do, so, why can’t a Rancor just be what it’s supposed to be, a giant, strong, animal that wants to eat? Instead now we have Hippy Fett with his new pet doggy who likes to have his ear scratched and is sad when daddy leaves.

This show is a disgrace and just keeps digging it’s own grave.

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