The Fate of ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic in Issue 193

Written by Lee Roberts

Shocking and very surprising news has come out that The Walking Dead is ending with issue #193. Yes, the issue that is coming out tomorrow, July 3, 2019. This is the first time I’ve heard of a comic coming to an end where the announcement of it coming the day before the issues release day.  Robert Kirkman has decided to end the title where he feels he don’t have to stretch it out and seems like he’s sad to see the book end.

Ok, I’m glad he didn’t want to stretch the book for too long, but I also find it odd he couldn’t have made it 7 more issues to end on issue #200 instead. I would think that Kirkman has stories enough for another 7 issues but it’s his creations, so he has the right to do whatever he wants to with it.

I think the more upsetting thing, other than it coming to an end, is that it is such a short notice of the ending. There’s no time to prepare for this kind of sudden notice of the ending for such a long running and popular book. I figured an end was coming but not this soon. I was thinking maybe another 25 to 50 issues before it ended but guess I was way off on that one. My advice is to run out and get issue #192 and #193.

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