No New Comic Books Starting 4-1-20; Diamond Distributors Halt Shipping

Written by Lee Roberts

Right now the way of life is changing for everyone. Covid-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, is affecting us all. The first thing I want to stress is this, don’t panic. Things might seem bleak and crazy right now but they will get better. However, before they get better we have to make it through today and keep life as safe and peaceful as we can, we need not to panic or turn a bad situation into something worse.

Also, remember to wash hands, face, and well body and clothes, and anything else you touch, A LOT! Then stop touching others, and for everyone’s sake, don’t be sneezing, coughing, or spitting in faces or on people.

Now with that said, let me get into the ways that the Covid-19 is affecting us. Namely with the comic book world, aka, my world.

Diamond Distributors, the people who send out all the comic books and related items, announced they will not be doing so for the near future. This takes effect on April 1 (no this is not a April fools), but in reality, it takes effect March 26, 2020. I say March 26 because as of writing this, March 25, 2020, this is the last day for new comic books to be shipped. There will not be anymore shipped after this weeks books, so technically the start date is for April 1, the no new comics will be in effect after todays are sold.

In a statement released by the chairman & CEO of Diamond, the services of Diamond will be not ship anything for the foreseeable future while the Covid-19 is still happening. If you are a comic book retailer, there are procedures that Diamond is doing to work with you in this current market. Businesses will be hurt by this shut down that is happening around the USA, and it’s good to know that Diamond will be working the small, local, comic shops that could quite possibly go out of business because of this shut down. Lets hope it don’t come to that, but it’s a possibility.

If you want to read more on the statement, please follow this link to the Diamond Distributors site to read it in full.

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