Dragon Con 2021 is Happening!

Written by Lee Roberts

The last year and half has been a wild ride for everyone on the planet, yes, the planet. Regardless or not if you think the pandemic is real or not, it happened, lives were impacted both tragically and some for the better. Among all the change that occurred during the pandemic, the good and the bad, a big change was social interaction. Going out to eat at a restaurant stopped, going to hang out with people no longer could happen, and having a convention was not even in the realm of happening.

Like all cons, Dragon Con fell prey to the the beast called Covid-19. The wonderful and powerful dragon was halted but in trying not to be too cliché, the sun is coming out now. Life is slowly pulling itself together, social events are happening again, and that means the cons are coming back also.

I’m so happy to say that Dragon Con will be happening for 2021, (as of right now). I want to make sure that is known, the as of right now, because I’m not a fortune teller, if I was, I would have somehow made more money then I have right now and I would part of making Dragon Con happen instead of being an attendee (which is my yearly big trip). Between now, May 25, 2021 and September 2, 2021, anything could happen and rules can change, but just so you know, Dragon Con announced, it will happen.

I will keep updated as they update us so that everyone knows what’s going on. First thing I would say to do is get a badge. If you decide to go and you wait too long, there might be a chance that the badges get limited. If you decide or can’t go and you got the badge, yeah that sucks you are out of the money but do you want to risk not being able to go because there are no badges to buy? Don’t be that person. I’ve made it easy for you, here is the link. https://purchase.growtix.com/eh/Dragon_Con_2020/33118/331039

At any rate, I will add more info as the days pass. Right now we have 100 days till Dragon Con 2021.

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