Dragon Con 2021 Guest List as of June 28, 2021

Written by Lee Roberts

If you don’t know, Dragon Con is happening for 2021. After missing 2020, we fanboys/fangirls/cosplayers/and just fans of Dragon Con will be back on the floors. Before you get too excited, I want to remind everyone that just because events are happening again and places are opening back up where you don’t have to wear a mask, that does not mean it’s like it was before the pandemic. The virus is still out there, people are still getting it, people are still dying, and there are still a lot of people that have not been vaccinated. The shot helps but it’s not a 100% blocker of the virus, you can still get it, it’s lower chances with the shot but still a chance, and that means take some precautions. I’m not telling you to wear a rubber suit, but if you’ve been to Dragon Con before you know about con crude, and that is so easy to get and that was when we didn’t have a pandemic that lasted a year. So, just remember that, it’s easy to pass along things to others, germs spread fast, so maybe have some sanitizer with you so you can wipe your hands and wipe the things you touch, and if you feel like someone or you are at risk, wear a mask. We are at Dragon Con, masks are part of the fun, so pick one of the hundreds of thousands of masks you can wear where you will fit right in being Spider-Man or Katana, or make up one of your own. I didn’t do it but maybe for Dragon Con, I will make me a mask for the Grifter.

Anyways, that’s not what this post is about, it’s about the guest list that has been posted, but I still want everyone to know to be safe. So, here are the guests that have been posted so far, and it is a good list so far. Me being a comic book geek, I’m loving the idea of getting to meet David Mack, and seeing Peter David and George Perez again.


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    • Thank you, I appreciate the comment and I try to have fun with my posts. I’m doing one now on my trip to LA, and soon there will be another for Dragon Con 2023.

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