‘Loki’ Has Ended or Has ‘Loki’ Ended?

Written by Lee Roberts

What an ending this last episode turned out to be. I was not disappointed with this show in the least. Well, I was disappointed with 1 thing, that we only got 6 episodes. Sure we are getting a season 2 but who knows when that will come out. Will it pick up after the end of season 1 or will Marvel/Disney wait until Phase 4 to conclude and then have season 2 pick up at the end and start Phase 5? Will it come out in the middle of Phase 4?

Just so many questions but as much as I hate having to wait, I much rather have an unknown release date then knowing there would be no season 2. Now that season 1 is finished, where does that leave the characters and story? I’m going to break it down as best as I can.


Alright, so the show did not say his name was Kang but said he went by many names, among them was Conqueror. All season it’s been hinted at that Kang would be the one behind it all and now he is. Though this Kang was the nicer variant of all the others, according to him. Though, now this variant is dead, killed by Sylvie, he did say his death would allow the others to come back and not all will be benevolent like him.

So where does that leave “Kang”? It seems that the timelines are already being reset. The show ends with Loki looking at a statue of Kang in the TVA. Being that Kang is a time traveler it’s possible that now this statue means a variant has changed the timeline of even the TVA. Will Kang be held off until Disney decides to use him again in season 2 of Loki or will Kang become the new antagonist for the MCU films? Now that there are multiple timelines this is the perfect reason as to what will happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Spider-Man: No Way Home and why there are the multiverse stories.


Hmm, not sure what will happen to Loki from the end of this. Having the multiple timelines, the multiverse, and variants of a person set up in this show, anything goes now. We might think we know what is going on but we really don’t know. With that opening logo playing the sounds of lines used in all the movies and shows, it’s kind of implied it’s the multiverse. Does this Loki have to go back to his timeline? Maybe not. Or maybe he does but being that it is time travel he can spend as much time as he wants outside of the timeline and then go back to that exact moment he left and poof back to being the Loki we have seen in Phases 1, 2, and 3.


Her fate is just as unknown as Loki’s. In fact hers is more of an unknown. Loki is at the TVA where he has resources to go anywhere he wants. Sylvie kind of does as long as the wristband thing that He Who Remains used actually works for her to use. She may be trapped in that end of places but doubt it will be for long.


Mobius and B-15’s fate can be taken as 2 ways. The first is that him and B-15 no longer remember the events that took place in the show and are now reset to some point before Loki began. This would explain why they didn’t remember Loki when he showed up. I don’t like this idea.

The second, the one that I like, is more in line with the comic book version of Mobius where there are multiple versions of him. The TVA is a huge place and with some coordination, each variant could be kept from running into each other. Now that it’s falling apart, He Who Remains is dead, and Judge Ravonna Renslayer is off on her mission, there is no one to control the TVA. That means all the different variants of Mobius are running amok in the TVA. I don’t think this is the case but I like it better than a memory wipe.

If there are multiple variants of Mobius and B-15 running around the TVA, then Loki could find the one he befriended and then they can work together. Having the memory wipe means now their memories have to be brought back or they will have to become friends again. This could be a way to make Loki’s first friend a tragic story. If there are multiple variants of Mobius then Loki just has to find his friend. But if their memories are wiped and there’s the 1 Mobius who now no longer remembers Loki or their new friendship, then it’s possible they don’t become friends again. What made them connect as friends happened in the timeline where Loki was searching for Sylvie, but that timeline is gone, so are the reasons and events that made the two become friends, so with different events it’s possible that Mobius will not like Loki and will not trust him. Which is a tragic story when thought of that when Loki finally finds a friend he then loses not only his friend but his first love with Sylvie.


She is in search of free will. Yep, she is going to look for free will but what does that really mean? Is she trying to learn that we can be the masters of our own fate or that things are preordained to happen? Maybe she is going to find that there is someone in control of it all and that person can give more of one then the other, such as more control over the preordained, but will she help or stop free will? I’m thinking she will be like her comic book counterpart and she becomes involved with Kang, or a Kang that will want to control things. Renslayer does not seem to be the type to want people to have free will, which could explain why she was so determined to get Sylvie because she had real free will.


I have to confess this is the most unknown of the characters in this show for me. I love her, especially since Tara Strong voices her, but what is known about her? On the surface she would seem like she is an A.I. program with holographic areas. This is possible, the TVA is pretty advanced in technology so they could have an A.I. program with some displays fixed throughout the structures that allow Miss Minutes to get around almost like anyone else does. However, this is a show that talks about the multiverse with multiple timelines and variants of everyone, which means Miss Minutes could be a variant of someone. It’s possible considering in the Marvel comics we have seen all sorts of weird versions of different variants of a character, so why couldn’t Miss Minutes be a variant to someone? Was she really helping Kang or was she being controlled by Kang? I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.


Now, where does all this leave the future of Loki and the MCU? That is up in the air as far as I know. Disney/Marvel could go so many ways with the future of the shows/films that until they give us some hints of what’s happening, we will be left with the cliffhanger of the Kang statue.

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