Atlanta Movie Tours Goes Socially Distant with New ‘Georgia Film & Chill’ Virtual Tour

Written by Matt Rodriguez

We’re over three months into the Coronavirus pandemic and businesses are starting to open back up for business with social distancing restrictions in place. Tourism is oftentimes one of the first industries hit when something like this happens and also one of the last to recover. Adapting has become the key to survival for many local businesses. With that in mind, Atlanta Movie Tours has announced their new ‘Georgia Film & Chill’ tour that will take passengers on a virtually guided tour of Atlanta’s film scene. So sit back, pour yourself a drink, and relax as you “visit” the filming locations of Stranger ThingsThe Walking Dead, Marvel films, Tyler Perry Studios, and more!

For $10, fans will get a live filming tour of Atlanta guided by one of AMT’s amazing tour guides, all of who have worked in the Atlanta film industry in some capacity and have been on many of the sets you get to see on their tours. The tours will take from the comfort of your own home over Zoom where you can directly chat with the other members of our tour group or ask questions to your tour guide in the Q&A section. You can find all the details as well as links to purchase your tickets on the Atlanta Movie Tours website.

I’ve been on a number of tours with AMT in the past, including ones for The Walking Dead, Marvel Superheroes, and Stranger Things, and $10 is a great price to pay for even a virtual tour. It’s also the perfect opportunity for non-locals to experience what the Atlanta film scene has to offer. With most of us still hunkered down for the long haul, Atlanta Movie Tours offers the perfect opportunity to socialize from a distance and have some fun with fellow film lovers.

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